Traypacker von Mohrbach

Mohrbach tray packer: standard machines individually adapted to your demands

Tray packers unite the functions erecting and filling in a single machine. The standard functions can be individually adapted to your demands, e. g. for producing crates instead of trays. Tray packer produce trays from a flat blank, often with display function. This tray can also be suitable for transportation, e. g. when shrinking it in foil after the tray packer. For the filling process we offer 2 different principles:

Traypacker als Seitenpacker / Sideloading

Tray packer with

Traypacker als Setzpacker / Toploading

Tray packer with


Mohrbach tray packer convince through their compact design

Thanks to their compact and modular design, Mohrbach tray packers can be successfully integrated in complex packaging processes and packaging lines. Tray packers are used for end-of-line applications with grouping of products into trays at higher performances. Flexible grouping and feeding systems which are adapted to the products supplement the tray packer for complete end-of-line packaging process. Also printing, monitoring and labelling system can be integrated into tray packer.

Mohrbach tray packers are based on standard machine functions, which are individually adapted to the customers' demands. They can be used flexibly in various sectors.