Tray & Hood Packer von Mohrbach

Mohrbach tray & hood packer unites a complete packaging line on smallest footprintSammelpacker

Tray & hood packer unite the functions erecting, filling and lidding in one integrated system, which offers to you savings in terms of investment and space for a lean production. Tray & hood packer are processing two-piece blanks: first they form a (display) tray from a flat blank in which the grouped products are filled. Then the tray is covered with a separate lid.

Depending on the application we offer two different filling principles:

Tray & Hood Packer als Seitenpacker / Sideloader

Tray & hood packer with

Tray & Hood Packer als Setzpacker / Toploader

Tray & hood packer with


Tray & hood packer allow flexibility and cost efficiency in terms of box design

Tray & hood packer offer to you various possibilities to protect you product ideally for transportation and to present it perfectly in a display at the store. Thanks to the processing of flat blanks, you can use cost efficient packaging material, which nevertheless allows highest efficiency. Different tear-off features or lid designs, lids which can be tucked in or glued: tray & hood packer can be flexibly adapted to different demands. For this, especially the sector of Fast Moving Consumer Goods prefers tray & hood packaging. Some of our customers have been relying on the tray & hood packers for many years.