Casepacker von Mohrbach

Mohrbach case packer - ideal for secondary / tertiary packaging

Case packer produce a finished packaging from a pre-glued case blank, which is suitable for transportation (made of corrugated board). The products or primary packagings are grouped and either pushed laterally into the case (sideloading) or placed from above (toploading) or from below (bottom loading) into the case. Then the case is closed with hotmelt or adhesive tape.

We offer to you 3 different procedures which can be realized on the case packers:

Casepacker als Seitenpacker / Sideloader

Case packer with

Casepacker als Setzpacker / Toploader

Case packer with toploading

Casepacker als Bodenpacker

Case packer with
bottom loading


Mohrbach case packer offer highest flexibility on smallest footprint

Different products require different ways of packaging. In addition you also have highest demands on the machines: flexibility, product variety, smallest footprint and many more. We adapt our case packer individually to your product. In doing so the main functions of the case packer remain the same: product grouping - case erecting - case filling - case closing. Many of our customers have been relying on this for many years.