Mc. SammelpackerMohrbach end-of-line packaging machines: savings in investment and space for a lean production.

WrappenProduct grouping - box erecting - filling - box closing - these functions are united in our end-of line packaging machines. With this you can integrate most complex packaging processes on smallest footprint. Mohrbach end-of-line packaging machines are working with flat blanks, except the case packer which processes American Cases. Depending on the blank design we offer you a wide range of end-of-line packaging solutions, like box packer, tray packer, tray & hood packer (display packer), wrap-around packer, pouch packer or chocolate tablet packer.

Our end-of-line packaging machines offer various possibilities in design of your individual end load packaging; even extraordinary designs can be realized by tailor-made end-of-line packaging solutions. No matter if standing or lying presentation of the product, grouping of rows or layers, box design with front flap, 3-flap, head flap or various opening features: there is a big diversity of packaging design. With our end-of-line packaging systems you will find your individual solution for an efficient production. We adapt the machines to your demands.

With our end-of-line packaging machines we adapt to the demand of flexibility, product variety, smallest footprint and extraordinary packaging designs. We offer to you sophisticated solutions for highest quality standards.