Mohrbach group comprises two companies, interwoven from the capital side


logo mohrbach verpackungsmaschinen

Mohrbach Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH being expert in high performance carton packaging systems working from flat blanks. 60 employees at Hoehfroeschen design and manufacture tailor-made system solutions in the field of primary and secondary packaging. The product range includes box erecting machines, top loading systems, lid closing machines, lidding machines up to multipackers and palletizers.


Logo Heripack

Since January 2009 Heripack Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH & Co. KG located at Meschede has been being a subsidiary of Mohrbach. 25 employees offer individual solutions for carton packaging systems for pre-glued cases in the medium speed range of secondary and tertiary packaging. The product range comprises case erectors, side loading systems, case closers, case packers up to palletizers.



p-one - partners in excellence

p-one - partners in excellence stands for a group of companies with experts all around packaging, who each are excellent in their field of activity.

Outside the group of companies p-one reverts to a network of additional partners, in order to offer our customers everything for optimizing their packaging process from a single source. This results in a wide choice of service offers of experts, knowing what they do.

It is the intention of p-one to supply to our customers in concrete projects fast, usable and extensive solutions, respectively results.