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Company profile

We are a medium-sized company with highly motivated employees, specialized in carton packaging machines.


Mohrbach packaging machines - simply good packaging.

We develop, design and realize complete lines for secondary and tertiary carton packaging. Based on our know-how for decades, we plan individual and tailor-made packaging solutions with our standard modules, which we adapt to the most different requirements and conditions. From Höhfröschen, we deliver packaging machines, which are appreciated for their quality, robustness and durability, to various sectors.


We pay attention to our ecological footprint

The basis for long-term economic success is to take responsibility for our employees and the environment.

Protecting the environment is important for us. Therefore, we pay utmost attention to sustainability at Mohrbach. In 2019, a completely new building for our headquarter was built in Höhfröschen, which, thanks to the innovative timber construction method, has been entirely designed for ecology and sustainability. A photovoltaic system on the roof of the new building allows a power supply of up to 100%. Electric vehicles, company-owned as well as those of our customers - can be fully charged at the charging stations.

As a climate-neutral company, we are part of the “Fokus-Zukunft project VCS Reforestation Uruguay" and have completely offset the company's CO2 emissions for 2021 by purchasing 227 certificates.

Our certificates

The foundation of Mohrbach Verpackungsmaschinen GmbH

Started as a manufacturer of shoe machines - today an established manufacturer of carton packaging machines. The history of Mohrbach is affected by the early flexibility to react on demands and changes of the market.


Tradition established in the Southwest Palatinate - in 1957 Ernst Mohrbach founded the company Maschinenfabrik Ernst Mohrbach KG as a manufacturer of shoe machines. As the awareness had been growing rapidly, also the attention of adidas was attracted on the innovative company from Rieschweiler. In 1970, Adi Dassler approached Johannes Mohrbach and asked him the following question:

"You are building extremely reliable shoe machines for my production facilities. However, the shoes that we manufacture also need to be packed in cartons. What about packaging machines? Have you ever thought about this?"

This was the decisive impulse for starting the design of the first carton erector "Coppaform" for adidas and Mohrbach's entry into the world of packaging technology.


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