Ecoline Trayaufrichter von Mohrbach

Ecoline tray erectors offer innovative technology at best price-performance-ratio

Ecoline tray erectors - as well as also the box erectors series are distinguished by the easy, controllable technology. Our credo here is: only as much technology as necessary but no loss of quality.  Tray erectors series Ecoline are used for the low up to the medium speed range up to 35 cycles / min. They form trays or display trays from flat blanks. The tray erectors can either be equipped with gluing unit or designed as turndown-folding machines.

Benefit from Mohrbach tray erectors series Ecoline

Selbständige Inbetriebnahme

Independant commissioning by yourselves

Einfache Bedienung

Easy operation

Magazin-Befüllung während des Betriebs

Refill of the magazine during operation

Schnelle Formatwechsel ohne Spezialwerkzeug

No special tools for format changing needed


Formatwechsel in kürzester Zeit

Format changing in shortest time

Auslauf nach allen Seiten

Outfeed to all directions possible

Geriner Platzbedarf

Smallest footprint

Gute Einsicht in die Maschine

Good access to the machine