Kartonverdeckler von Mohrbach

Mohrbach tray lidders process cost-efficient two-piece packagings...

VerdecklerTwo-piece packagings, which are suitable for both: transportation as well as presentation at the point of sales bring considerable cost advantages in terms of material consumption. With Mohrbach lidder you have maximum flexibility in terms of your packaging design: no matter if put-over lids, U-shaped lids, 4 flap lids or polygonal lids, the tray lidder can process different designs. This allows highest flexibility for the presentation of your products.

...by offering highest flexibility for your packaging design

4-Seiten-Deckel mit und ohne Klebelaschen

4-flap lid
with or without gluing flaps

Einsteckdeckel mit beliebigen Laschen

Tuck-in lid
with one or several flaps

Stülpdeckel mit vorverklebtem Deckel

Put-over lid
with pre-glued lid




Different opening features allow efficient production on our tray lidder

SammelpackerTwo-piece packagings are trendy more and more. Mohrbach tray lidders are alternatives to our lid closer and offer flexibility in design of your packaging. Different opening features, e. g. tear-off perforation to create a display tray, lid glued only with 2 lateral glue dots for a perfect presentation in the shelf, etc..... allow a big variety of individual packaging designs, which can be processed on our standard lidding machines. Thanks to their compact design, Mohrbach lidders can be easily integrated in your packaging process. We offer the tray lidders in different sizes and executions. But also special constructions, e. g. for big and heavy boxes are possible.