Standard Kartonaufrichter von Mohrbach

Standard box erecting machines of Mohrbach offer precision, longevity and outstanding performances.

Our standard box erectors work with flat blanks and produce sales packs according to your demands: this results in considerable savings for you! They are proper for  medium and high speed performances. Thanks to the servomotor drive system, also extraordinary folding sequences or highest speeds up to 100 cycles / min. are possible. Different executions of the machine provide the necessary flexibility to form boxes according to your ideas: by gluing the sidewalls, tucking, getting stuck or as a spring box by keeping them together only with the lid.

advantages of Mohrbach standard box erecting machines

Einfache Bedienung

Easy operation

Magazin-Befüllung während des Betriebs

Refilling the magazine during the production

Horizontalmagazin für hohe Autonomie

Horizontal magazine for highest autonomy

Schnelle Formatwechsel ohne Spezialwerkzeug

Format changing without special tools


Formatwechsel ohne Fachkenntnisse

Format changing without expertise

Hohe Leistungen

Highest performances

Gute Einsicht in die Maschine

Good access to the machine

Extrem robuste Technik

Extremely robust technology


Further options, functions or components as well as special sizes on request!
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