Toploader von Mohrbach

Mohrbach top loaders offer highest flexibility

In terms of filling, highest demands are made on the toploading systems: high speed and precision with simultaneously highest efficiency and utmost flexibility. In addition top loader need to process a huge variety of products and correspond to the individual particularities of the products, which require a specific treatment. Top loader must fulfil all these demands.

No matter if bulk or piece products, cubic, non-cubic or extremely sensitive products: we will help you with our sophisticated toploading principles to find the appropriate system so that your production is running perfectly.

Sophisticated top loading principles for each demand

Continuous filling for a particular smooth handling of the productKontinuierliche Befüllung für ein besonders schonendes Produkthandling

Kontinuierliche Befüllung für ein besonders schonendes Produkthandling

The continuous top loader has been developed for applications, where sensitive products, like e. g. blisters with confectionary or rolls of aluminum foil need to be smoothly filled into a box. Here the product is filled into the box from above in a continuous movement; no forces are exerted on the goods. This guarantees that the products stays in position (e. g. pralines in the blister) and is not damaged. So you don't need to make any compromises in terms of presentation of your products. With the continuous top loading principle you can even create different layers. It is also used for products which can not be accumulated for grouping.

Dropping principle for bulk products or stacksAbwurfprinzip für eine hohe Flexibilität

Abwurfprinzip für eine hohe Flexibilität

Bulk products or stacked products place specific demands to the filling process: careful handling at highest speed. That is what our top loader with dropping feature are used for. This principle allows the necessary flexibility for selection or multipacks.  Depending on the product or desired grouping either, nearly format independent, filling hoppers, dropping flaps, counting wheels or multihead weighers are used. This allows a large format variety at shortest changeover times.

Pick & place systems for high speed applicationsPick & Place Systeme für Hochleistungsanforderungen

For filling piece products, where high speed and flexibility for grouping as well as precision are required our top loading systems with pick & place feature are used. The basic principle is always the same: depending on the products, they are picked by flexible filling heads with grippers or vacuum suction cups and placed into the box. Different grouping and product feeding systems ensure the correct take-over of the products. Depending on the application and desired speed we offer the following basic applications for top loader with pick & place systems:


Toploader mit integrierten 2-Achs-Einheiten

Top loader with linear axis at a good price-performance ratio
With Mohrbach top loader with integrated linear 2-axis units you will have the necessary flexibility to process different formats at low investment costs in comparison to other: for a short payback period.

Toploader mit Flexpicker Einheiten

Top loader with flexpicker for highest precision at high speed
Mohrbach top loader with flexpicker units are an intelligent solution for all applications, where products need to be picked quickly and placed exactly. An integrated monitoring system ensures that only correct products will be taken; in doing so the flexpicker surprises with extremely short cycle times, for highest efficiency.

Toploader mit Mehrachs-Robotern

Top loader with complex multi-axis robots for a wide range of formats
Mohrbach top loader with multi-axis robots work fast, reliable and with high precision. Individual gripping, suction or pincing systems allow all supposable possibilities  of presentation (lying, standing, oblique) so that you can react flexibly on the requirements of the market.

With our toploading solutions we bring your products reliably in your boxes

We attach utmost importance to your products; therefore we do everything, to protect them during the packaging process so that it reaches the end user in a way you expect. Mohrbach top loader can either be combined to complete, fully automatic packaging lines as stand-alone machine or be part of an end load case packing systems as toploading unit. Thanks to the modular design of the top loader different feeding and grouping systems can be integrated successfully.

Mohrbach top loaders fulfill highest demands of various sectors by offering highest reliability and flexibility, e. g.

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