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Mohrbach lid closers are multifunctional at highest speeds

VerschlieerEach box has to be closed before transportation. Our lid closers are the perfect completion of your packaging line. Precision, flexibility and reliability, these are the demands at lid closing. The lid has to be in exact position, a multitude of closing features is required and at the same time the lid closer has to work efficiently in production. We understood. Depending on the application, we offer the following working principles:

Front flap, 3-side flaps, flip top or caddy style closure: Mohrbach lid closers offer flexibility

one-level-principle - front flap lid closure with continuous working principle for highest speedsEin-Ebenen-Prinzip - Frontlaschenverschluß - kontinuierliches Verschließen

Ein-Ebenen-Prinzip - Frontlaschenverschluß - kontinuierliches Verschließen

We offer a continuously working front flap lid closer with performances of up to 120 boxes / min. (depending on size of the box and quality of the blank material)

one-level-principle - multifunctional lid closer with intermittently working principleicons verpackungsmaschinen kartonverschliesser caddy flip top

icons verpackungsmaschinen kartonverschliesser caddy flip top

Our intermittently working lid closer is versatile. It offers highest flexibility: no matter if tucking-in the front flap or gluing it outside, 3-side-lid closing or cigarette style lid closing (gluing the head flap with the 3 dust flaps as well as caddy style closure: a big variety of closing features can be handled on this machine successfully. In doing so, the lid closer offer high speeds up to 80 boxes / min. (depending on sizes and quality of the box).

two-level-principle - 3-side lid closer for highest precision in the medium speed rangeEin-Ebenen-Prinzip - Frontlaschenverschluß - kontinuierliches Verschließen

Ein-Ebenen-Prinzip - Frontlaschenverschluß - kontinuierliches Verschließen

Our two-level 3-side lid closer is equipped with a lid closing tool, ensuring a 100 % angular lid. 

Mohrbach lid closers offer a big variety in terms of packaging designs

Beside box erectors, top loaders and end load case packers the flexible lid closers form part of the standard delivery range of Mohrbach. They are designed for closing boxes with hinged lid.
As the end user requires comfortable opening and re-closure of the boxes, our lid closer can process a big variety of options in terms of packaging designs, like e. g. tear-off perforations, caddy style and cigarette boxes. The lid flaps can either be tucked-in or glued (also with the dust flaps).

Thanks to their modular design, Mohrbach lid closer can be easily adapted to the individual demands of our customers in different sectors, e. g.